‘Shank 2’ Gets a Release Date and Price

February 7th you’ll be shanking some more in Klei Entertainment’s bloody 2D brawler.

And with just three weeks away, we see that publisher EA is being a little friendlier with the price on the sequel: 800 MS Points on XBLA or $9.99 on PSN, down from the $15/1200 points price of the original. Also: there will be hobo costumes.

Here’s the official line on the game:

Set in a pulp fiction world, Shank 2 puts players back in control of their favorite ex-mobster hitman, Shank. Klei has evolved the combat experience with precise controls, new weapons, smarter enemies, and more advanced combo techniques, all set to the backdrop of beautiful 2D art and animation. Players can put Shank’s trusty arsenal of handguns, chainsaws, grenades, plus all-new weapons to use in order to protect those close to him.

Introducing an all-new Survival Mode, gamers can team up with a friend online or locally, working together to take down hordes of goons in an action-packed, arcade-style brawl. Featuring stunning visuals from Klei’s veteran cartoon director, Jeff Agala, Shank 2 raises the bar even higher for 2D brawlers with art and animation that won Klei multiple awards and nominations, including IGF’s Excellence in Visual Arts nomination, and the Canadian Animator of the Year award for Klei’s lead animator, Aaron Bouthillier.

I found this post on Klei’s blog articulating some of the things the developer learned from playtesting the first game enlightening. The key takeaway mirrored my own experience with the downloadable game: while Shank had a diverse move set, players weren’t given room to learn them, so abilities like grabs, and blocks were simply a thing you could do and not necessarily a thing you learned how to do well. If Klei is able to make the process of learning the combat a bit more organic, then I think they might make Shank 2 an essential title for this year.

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