FEBRUARY 11, 2016

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We have been really quite busy recently and not had much time to update the site. Hopefully now we will have more time to keep things updated. Work is still going strong on the Hg80 bundle and our 3rd game (of 4) in the bundle is currently being worked on. Soon we will update images [...]
ImageProxy I’ve played the Darkout preview, and I’m here to tell you that this game’s future is anything but “dark”.   Since Minecraft came in and made one Hell of a splash, we’ve seen other similar sandbox games hit the scene.  So far, of these “me-too” games, Darkout is definitely the most promising.  In fact, thanks [...]
The Developers of the upcoming free-to-play action game, Warframe, have released a new Dev Diary for your viewing pleasure.   In addition to this new video, the Developers have now officially launched the Warframe closed beta.  Here is the press release: October 24, 2012 – London, Ontario – Today marks the beginning of the Warframe™ [...]
War-Z_S18 The WarZ will be entering Closed Beta just in time for Halloween.  You can register for the beta at www.thewarz.com, but you’ll have to preorder the game if you want a guarantee to gain access.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with The WarZ, it is a zombie apocalypse themed MMO that is eerily  [...]
RainbowMoon86 As so many modern day games are becoming generic and unnecessarily dumbed down to appeal to a larger audience, it’s refreshing to see the occasional game that breaks free from the mold by presenting a much more hardcore and challenging offering than the norm. Something that I personally find amusing about this is that many [...]
After much debate (and even a little bloodshed), the results are in. These tracks appear in no particular order, as their level of WIN surpassed any feasible rating system. We hope you enjoy, and would love to hear your feedback!    
Super-Mario-Brothers-Memories-25-Year-Anniversary The NES classic that introduced the world to the most recognizable video game character of all time, Super Mario Brothers is the original standard for excellence in gaming.  It may have been released nearly 30 years ago (damn, I feel old!), but the perfectly tuned platforming gameplay still holds up today.     It’s hard [...]
MechWarrior4SplashPwn   Well it’s time for Polypwn to Pwn another game. The unlucky victim this time is MechWarrior 4. The somewhat disappointing sequel to MechWarrior 3, some people like it, many fans hate it. We at PolyPwn think it is still a fun game but isn’t as good as MedhWarrior 3, and by watching Minty Pwn [...]
hoodwink-release   Minty goes adventuring with “acquisitions expert” Michael Bezzle   Opening Being part of a multi episodic series, Hoodwink is a relatively short point and click game(you can finish it in a couple of hours) but there’s enough in those two short ours to draw you into their dystopian world and leave you wanting more [...]

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