FEBRUARY 09, 2016

Category: Retro

blood_title On 20th June 1997 one of the most wacky fun FPS games ever to be released was released! Developed by 3D Realms and sold to Monolith before completion, Blood arrived on the PC at the end of the 2.5D FPS era, and what a way to go out! While everyone was getting over excited about [...]
MC Minty puts on his headset once more and tells his little mechs what to do!   MechCommander was released for the PC back in 1998 and was grossly overlooked. For me, it is one of the very best strategy games ever made, in terms of sheer fun, replay factor and gameplay it’s right up there [...]
After much debate (and even a little bloodshed), the results are in. These tracks appear in no particular order, as their level of WIN surpassed any feasible rating system. We hope you enjoy, and would love to hear your feedback!    
Super-Mario-Brothers-Memories-25-Year-Anniversary The NES classic that introduced the world to the most recognizable video game character of all time, Super Mario Brothers is the original standard for excellence in gaming.  It may have been released nearly 30 years ago (damn, I feel old!), but the perfectly tuned platforming gameplay still holds up today.     It’s hard [...]
  PolyPwn are proud to present the next series in the “Let’s Pwn!” MechWarrior3 set. This series sees Minty play though Operation 3 which sees the introduction of a few new Mechs and vehicles as well as a new member to the team. As usual there is a lot of blowing things up, blocking pieces [...]
  Welcome to another series of Let’s Pwn! Mechwarrior3. This is Operation 2 in which I have to find and destroy a Mech factory whilst finding some very nice salvage. Many new Mechs are introduced in this series and some new Mech pilots join my team to help out in the fight. Enjoy.
This is the entire Operation 5 of MechCommander. This is the last operaiton and the last set of videos I will do for this game now. In this operation quite a lot of hell breaks lose, I fight almost exclusively Heavy and Assault Mechs and elite pilots! Several missions had to be done a few [...]
    Damn, you wait for one video and eleven all come along at once! You got missions 4, 5 and 6 from Operation 1 and the whole of Operation 2. Enjoy.
Here are 4 more videos to enjoy from the “Let’s Pwn MechCommander” series. The videos consistion of missions 2 and 3 but are in 2 parts each. Enjoy! And just for the hell of it here is a picture I drew of my favourite Mech, the Madcat! Click on it for a larger version.   [...]
  Welcome to our new series of videos entitled “Let’s Pwn….” where we take an old favourite that hasn’t been played in a long time, and for some people never been played at all and play it all the way through to show you how much it pwns, with some added crappy commentary by us [...]

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