FEBRUARY 13, 2016

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blood_title On 20th June 1997 one of the most wacky fun FPS games ever to be released was released! Developed by 3D Realms and sold to Monolith before completion, Blood arrived on the PC at the end of the 2.5D FPS era, and what a way to go out! While everyone was getting over excited about [...]
RainbowMoon86 As so many modern day games are becoming generic and unnecessarily dumbed down to appeal to a larger audience, it’s refreshing to see the occasional game that breaks free from the mold by presenting a much more hardcore and challenging offering than the norm. Something that I personally find amusing about this is that many [...]
MC Minty puts on his headset once more and tells his little mechs what to do!   MechCommander was released for the PC back in 1998 and was grossly overlooked. For me, it is one of the very best strategy games ever made, in terms of sheer fun, replay factor and gameplay it’s right up there [...]
fs2_open_3_6_12r_INF 2011-12-23 20-18-53-25 Way back in 1998 the clever chaps at Volition graced us with the best space simulator of it’s time; Freespace: The Great War. If you liked sci-fi, giant ships and dog fighting then this game had it all, as well as a compelling story with a mysterious race hell bent on pure destruction! Set some [...]
command-and-conquer-1-tiberian-dawn   Developed by Westwood Studios way back in 1995 Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn exploded onto the PC and instantly became a best seller and at the same time did for RTS games what Doom did for FPS games. It’s very easy to pick up and play, two great factions to play, GDI, who are [...]
1007-eternal-darkness-004-cifvg Developed by Silicon Knights, Eternal Darkness:  Sanity’s Requiem was the first (and maybe the only) Mature rated game published by Nintendo that I’ve played.  It’s dark, gory, violent, scary, and (most importantly) it’s absolutely amazing.   The basic gameplay is not too different than the original Resident Evil style survival horror games, but with a [...]
Super-Mario-Brothers-Memories-25-Year-Anniversary The NES classic that introduced the world to the most recognizable video game character of all time, Super Mario Brothers is the original standard for excellence in gaming.  It may have been released nearly 30 years ago (damn, I feel old!), but the perfectly tuned platforming gameplay still holds up today.     It’s hard [...]
hoodwink-release   Minty goes adventuring with “acquisitions expert” Michael Bezzle   Opening Being part of a multi episodic series, Hoodwink is a relatively short point and click game(you can finish it in a couple of hours) but there’s enough in those two short ours to draw you into their dystopian world and leave you wanting more [...]
clip_image002   After tragically falling to the Red Ring of Death, we finally got our Xbox 360 repaired and were able to complete The Witcher 2.  Now only one question remains:  is the game any good?  Read on to find out!

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JurassicPark100 2011-11-20 11-24-29-17 Jurassic Park PC Review   Minty took a trip to Jurassic Park and wishes he got the last boat off the island   Opening Well it was last year when http://telltalegames.com/ announced they had teamed up with Universal Studios to create games of two of the biggest and best film franchises of all time. First [...]

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