FEBRUARY 07, 2016

Category: Trailers

Like CoD, or hate it; this trailer is great!      
Here are 4 more videos to enjoy from the “Let’s Pwn MechCommander” series. The videos consistion of missions 2 and 3 but are in 2 parts each. Enjoy! And just for the hell of it here is a picture I drew of my favourite Mech, the Madcat! Click on it for a larger version.   [...]
Check out the latest Battlefield 3 trailer, featuring single player gameplay!    
This is a round from a match in the Red Orchestra 2 beta.  I left this mostly uncut, with the exception of a few long-ish respawn periods that I edited out.   I’m an average player, though I did do pretty well in this round.  I started to suck towards the end because I started trying [...]
Check out the trailer for the BF3 Physical Warfare Pack!    
Check out the latest amazing Gears of War 3 trailer!    
Check out this totally bad-ass release trailer for Dead Island!    
Watch this incredible footage from Metro:  Last Light and let us know what you think!  
Tripwire Interactive has released a multiplayer trailer for their upcoming game:  Red Orchestra 2:  Heroes of Stalingrad.   Here is a snippet of their press release:   Today we are releasing our first full HD multi-player gameplay trailer for Red Orchestra 2. This is over 2 minutes of full HD footage, all shot in game, [...]

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