Microsoft compare Halo with Call of Duty


The franchise director of Halo, Frank O’Connor has compared Halo with Call of Duty, stating that while Call of Duty favours players with "bigger guns", Halo has been built with balance in mind.

It doesn’t matter what type of game you are playing, comparisons will always be drawn between those with similarities in genre etc. For example, Partypoker lovers could easily state the similarities with other card related online games. Gamers have been drawing comparisons between the two big gaming franchises, Halo and Call of Duty for some time now, but Microsoft have decided to comment on it at last.

Apparently O’Connor described the comparisons as “unreasonable” because of Halo 4’s new load-out system. Although he admits that the games comparison with Call of Duty and similar FPS games is reasonable, when you consider the effect the progression system has on the player. For the most part, he thinks the main difference is, Call of Duty is easier for the player with a bigger gun, whereas Halo takes a more balanced approach.

“Halo is really more about survival encounters, rather than getting the drop on someone or winning through having a bigger gun. And also using the things you’ve learned on the battlefield.” He goes on to explain that while yes, you are able to unlock weapons and abilities to help you out in Halo 4, the result is “bluntly” not as powerful, and doesn’t change the game so drastically.

“They’re about subtly and their style ultimately.”

When Halo 4 arrives in shops on 6 November for the Xbox 360 exclusively, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II is released a week later on the PC, Xbox and PlayStation 3 on 13 November, gamers will be able to decide for themselves whether the comparison is justified or not. Until then though, we can all make informed guesses by tracking all Call of Duty and Halo news.

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